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Unfortunately, I am no longer maintaning this blog.

At its peak, received over 30,000 unique visits a month.

During its six years as a blog until August 2012, it received over 200,000 comments on 254 blog posts.

Some of the most popular articles covered topics such as US immigration, HP Quickplay, and life in London, New York and Dubai.

HP Quickplay is outdated and if you're still using it, it's time to move on.

If you are here seeking advice on US immigration, I am afraid I can no longer assist with this. My suggestion is that if you are having immigration problems, consider leaving the US. Their draconian immigration laws and complete misinterpretation thereof by unqualified staff (in some, not all cases) means it is just not worth the hassle - the world has much more to offer.

If you're here for the banter, I suggest you check out Maddox - he's the king of banter.

Thanks for reading.